Edmund Music Fine Art

Edmund Music Fine Arts is a renowned center of musical education based in Bangalore. We provide classes on Western Music, Semi Western music, Staff Notation and on almost all of the most popular instruments, including Keyboard / Piano, Guitar, Tabla Drums and many more.

We come across many students, who are not so good with academics, but have great talent in the musical field having remarkable fluency, expressiveness, and creativity. We have also encountered talented individuals falling short in their quest for excellence mostly due to lack of focus or may be limited parental guidance from an early age. We at Edmund Music Fine Arts help them do make the most of their skills and make a career out of their musical prowess. To add to that they are others who always longed to learn music and musical instruments, however, due to some reasons not taken a professional approach to acquiring musical wisdom. We help them in the making their long awaited dream of learning music come true.
About Us
We know that playing an musical instrument helps students comprehend...
Our program structure is composed of a result oriented set of sessions...