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Dear Parents / Students your Trinity Keyboard Practical Examination is scheduled to be held on 18th October at Guru Yesu Bhavan. Theory of Music Examination will be held on 5th November at St. Joseph's Boys School.For Further Details contact your teacher.

Please make a good use of this opportunity.

Kavin Mathalai grade 2 - 99%, Ahana Vijay grade 2 - 98%,

Vineetha V Banavar Grade 2 - 97%, Shirlyn Almeida Grade 1 - 96%,

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Ameya Verma Gr.1- 95%, Kathir Mathalai Gr.2- 95%, Savitha Thambi Gr.3 - 95%, Sunay Das Gr.1- 91%, Joseph Anthony Gr.1-93%...

Shria Bitra Gr.2- 93%, Archita Richa Gr.1- 92%, Niranjan S Nair Gr.1- 92%, Prapanja Anand Kumar Gr.1- 92%, Anisha Richa Gr.2- 92%,...

S.G. Pratuksha Gr.1- 90%, G.Gaurav Reddy Gr.1- 90%, Felix S Gr.2-90%, Harshita.M Gr.1- 89%, Rahul T.P Gr.1- 89%,...

Neha M.K Gr.1- 89%, Varun S Gr.1- 89%, Ayush Jain Gr.4- 89%, Medha.P Gr.1- 88%, Annie Blessey Gr.1- 87%,...


About Edmund Music Fine Arts

It is an institute is excellence in music literacy. It is one of the popular music Schools in HSR Layout.

Edmund was inspired to address the flow of amazing arts proved for eternity in varied regimes, setting a vogue in current trends from maestros known for their sensational records. Our institute was established to sharpen the innate skill of music to nurture and nourish and to imbibe the spirit of musician. Here each individual gets ample of opportunities to reveal their hidden talents in the field of “Art of Divinity”. Art never ends but it is transformed into multiple carnations. These thing happen in the hub of musical arts known as “Edmund music fine Arts”.

The grandiose launch of Edmund Music Fine Arts took place in the year 2004 in Bangalore. It was Edmund Sundar , A Lecture in reputed PU College at that time , well known to people for his musical talents in various colleges and institutions in Bangalore and Kolkata, Started this institute of music literacy for all. Over the years, our students of different age groups have achieved great musical skills both theoretically and practical levels in this regards. Our remarkable outstanding performance and excellent track records in Trinity College of music London is clear evidence. Our Student Transcend their musical skills under the able guidance and inspiration of our music teacher who himself is a well experienced musician and composer. Our institute is bustling with musical classes throughout the week. Our student are taught to enjoy playing various musical instruments skillfully, professionally and profoundly. Piano, Keyboard, Guitar, Table and Drums are some of the instruments in which our students get trained. We prepare our students for Trinity College of music London theory of music examination all grades.



E-mail: info@edmundmusicfinearts.com
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Tel: +91 80 4112 1758


505, 2nd Floor,2nd Cross,
8th Main, Mother Teresa Road,
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Bangalore - 560 068.

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